Here’s a rare occurrence….I decided to completely wing it, and I ended up liking it! Have to admit, I’m most comfortable when I’m working with a well conceived plan covering the technique, pouring medium, etc. But since doing these pieces with the Pride rainbow I’ve had it in my mind that I should try a simple flag form. So this morning I just mixed up paint and laid it across an album and looked at it for a while. Just used a couple really simple techniques to add some interest, and here it is. This really focuses more on the colors and their relationship to each other than having a lot of activity going on, and that has its own appeal. Still, now I find myself thinking about other variations of this theme…we’ll see!

On the subject of painting on albums, recently vinyl in the local thrift stores has taken a huge jump. Maybe it’s just the inflation we’re seeing everywhere from the grocery store to the gas station, but it’s pretty disconcerting. One store increased their album prices from 99-cents to $3.99…holy rip-off, Batman! Fortunately, I have a donation coming from my sister, and have also found a reasonably priced source online. I do enjoy painting on canvas, but unless I start selling a lot more artwork then it’s just not reasonable to try to store too many canvases. Vinyl takes up a lot less space, even though it a bit more finicky in some ways, and I’m still enjoying the round format a lot.

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