In a stranger’s house

Today, for the first time, a stranger purchased one of my canvases on Etsy. Not a friend or family member, not somebody who knows me and wants to support my art, but a complete stranger. It felt pretty exciting, let me tell you. Knowing that art is subjective, and that the joy I get out of creating is a personal experience, it feels quite lovely knowing that somebody out there will have a piece of my artwork on their wall for whatever it evokes in them.

Yeah, pretty cool.

The pour above is from this morning, and I think it will be titled Glaciers. That’s what it brings to mind for me. I can’t decide what orientation I like it in best so I flipped a coin and there it is. This piece has a little satin enamel mixed with the white acrylic, and that product has made me nutso a few times. Interestingly, the artist who was using this specific mix was also talking in her video about doing things the way that works for her and letting go of the outcome. So I went into this pour with that mindset and jeez, look at this beauty. The Universe yet again validates wisdom.

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