Something different

The last of my Pride rainbow paintings is something quite different for me. This rainbow wreath is not technically paint pouring, though I suppose it could be called fluid art because the paints are thinned a bit. I think it’s just an abstract acrylic painting.

This is a variation of something I saw in a video. I really liked the design and thought maybe some different things could be done with it. It wasn’t meant to be done in a rainbow style, and I improvised more with this painting than I ever have to this point. I just took one element at a time and went with the least-risky options all the way through. Truth is, I felt pretty intimidated about trying this….taking a rough idea and trying to turn it into something more specific. Almost every day for about a week I’ve said, tonight I’ll prep the paint and try that wreath tomorrow. But each time I ended up not doing that.

When I started I told myself this is a throw-away painting, just an experiment, so don’t over think it. But right now I feel like IF it dries without issue it will be a keeper. The drying part is a big question mark, though. There is a lot of paint on this album, and as all the movement of it was done by hand it’s kind of lumpy. Considering the thinner I used, there’s a decent chance it will level enough as it dries. So fingers crossed, and we will see. If it does indeed dry well, then I think I will be trying this again as a multi-colored wreath. ‘Cause it’s pretty cool.


    1. I’m going to try it again on canvas. It’s a real project, I spent almost 90 minutes making this one! As you know, most of my pours take much less time. It’s kind of fun, though, and I’m curious to see what else I can come up with. Stay tuned!


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