Painting again!

I didn’t intend to do a series of this particular cloud-effect style, but after not painting for 6 days (!!) I wanted to do something familiar before tackling anything new. So here we have Winter Wonderland. Really loving the shades of mint in this one.

Somehow those 6 days slipped by with so much going on that there was never a good time to paint. At this point in my life, that’s certainly not a pace I aspire to. Still, sometimes planets collide and life throws things at you in bunches and bundles. I wanted to paint most of those days, but it felt like I would have to push myself beyond the energy I had available…and that usually doesn’t result in creative bliss.

The last few nights I have either gone to bed or woken with all sorts of ideas floating around for the next painting project. Which will I choose? How will it turn out? Life’s little mysteries continue to keep me engaged.

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