So, someone bought Kaleidoscope yesterday, and I already miss it. Lesson learned, think carefully about what you list for sale. Anyway, no worries, I can repeat the process and hope to get something close to it (one of the big advantages of keeping notes on your paintings!). Excited because I unexpectedly found time to paint today, and maybe that is why I forgot to add the silicone. Realized it right before I put paint to vinyl, too late now, just pour and see what happens. And here it is, Cosmic Drainfield. I just did some embellishments, trying to make something out of nothing, and by the time I stopped I was laughing out loud. Not because it’s a masterpiece — though there’s some great pop and oooh in here — but because this is exactly what I love about fluid painting, the fact that you can never really know what you will get, and the unexpected can be so much fun. This is a wild one, no doubt.

Tonight I’ll mix the colors for tomorrow’s shot at another Kaleidoscope, and will put the silicone bottle front and center. Sheesh.


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