Live and learn.

This is Seashells. And I’m not really thrilled with it, but am posting it here because I think it’s a building block for other things…and also because this is my place to explore what’s going on with my painting, and if I take the time to post then I have a way to look back at the road I’ve traveled.

Some things went wrong with this pour which was a double flip-cup with silicone. When I look at it I see the problems which I’m sure is true for most artists. However, I also really like the colors for their beachy feel which is one of the elements I was going after.

I do think there are some potential variations on this that I’m excited to try. First, I’d like to try a pour without silicone for the beachy feel without an abundance of cells. Some cells, yes, to get some texture and depth, but basically it’s the colors I want to play with. There’s a couple ways I could go, a straight pour or even a sandwich pour, or maybe another flip cup without silicone. We will see!

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