Website changes

As we head into a new year, I’m taking stock of my time management. Otherwise known as, where in hell does the time go?! ‘Cause it flies, whether you’re having fun or not, my friends.

So one thing I see is that getting Etsy listings online is a priority over posting work here on my gallery website. I do want to keep this site updated with most of the work that’s meaningful to me, but the time involved with creating the backstory link for each piece feels like more than I can comfortably manage right now.

My compromise for the near future is to post my current pieces in the gallery section but not put in a link with the backstory/technique, etc. Today there will be new canvases, albums and coasters posted.

Thanks to friends and family I have been able to make some sales on Etsy, but I really have no expectations for the shop 6 months or a year from now. Probably each quarter or so I will assess the profits in relationship to the time I am putting into it, and go from there.

It started snowing here in the late afternoon on Christmas day, and we woke to about 4 inches and no electricity. The photo above is our lovely walnut tree in its winter coat. Cold weather expected for a few days which sounds perfect for some paint pouring in our (now) warm and snug house. Hoping this post finds you all enjoying peaceful holidays.

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