Vapor trails

Fiddling with a new pouring medium today, always a bit of an adventure regardless of outcome. I really like this outcome, strong lines but also lots of texture with dots and spots. I just realized what a shift in attitude that is! For most of the last year I’ve considered dots and spots to be nasty little invaders that nearly ruined otherwise perfectly fine paintings. In fact, a lot of my experimentation has had to do with trying to completely eliminate them. While that may be possible for more experienced artists with larger budgets than mine, so far I have failed to completely expunge them. Thankfully, somewhere along the way I’ve come to see them as just one more bit of texture in my paintings, unexpected and totally unscripted. No longer the demon seed, they are now colorful and interesting characters that add flavor to the soup. More is always being revealed!

I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.

Pablo Picasso

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