The joy of primary colors

Here is Gummies II, exactly same colors as the first, same amount of silicone, but a different pouring medium. I’m still hoping to find a one-size-fits-all pouring medium (for simplicity’s sake) and obviously I enjoy experimenting so it’s another opportunity for that.

There are only three colors, yellow, magenta, and blue, with some white and gold. Since playing with the rainbow paintings I’m really loving the variations available using the primary colors. Fluid art dries darker than it pours, and in the learning curve I too often haven’t accounted for that. One needs contrast and light in addition to saturation and depth. It’s a balancing act, like so much of life.

There’s one more medium variation I want to try before calling it. I have to say, when you look closely at the cells in this painting, they are incredibly complex…cells within cells, colors within colors…this is definitely a chemical combo I will return to! Meanwhile, back to the drawing board.

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