A river runs through it

I am having so much fun with these straight pours. This one is a wandering straight pour, and wander it does! A little bit of satin enamel added to the titanium white gives a bit of a pillow or cloud effect, just another texture that adds to the experience. I will admit to taking inspiration from the color palettes of others, while at the same time hoping that some color theory will start to sink in for me as I find combos that work.

After looking at this a while it made me think of our trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. There is so much more color and life there than one might expect until they are actually on the spot. Well, I’m not sure how much quinacridone magenta I saw there, but the geology of the place was right in my face….not unlike the geology of this piece. Lots of joy for me in this one.

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