This is a palette I tried once before where the composition was just not there. I did note how much I loved the colors, though, so went at it again today. This is a dirty straight pour, meaning the first layer is poured a bit deep — in this case, Payne’s gray — and the other colors are poured in from high above so that they drop down into the gray layer and intermingle. (In most of the other straight pours you see here, the paints are carefully poured into the cup in layers which is why there are a lot of lines in them). What I got today is sometimes referred to as a stained glass pour, with wonderful transparency between some of the color layers. You can’t see its sparkle, but I’m getting quite attached to the addition of gold. Sometimes the 2 weeks I need to let these cure before varnishing seems like a lifetime!

Beauty is whatever gives you joy.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

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