Something’s happening here

Mama mia! This is the same palette and the same technique of another older pour, just a few tweaks, but something very different going on this time….and I love it! So now I will have to put on my lab coat and pull out the notebook and see if there’s any chance I can isolate exactly what combination of stars and planetary alignment gave this lovely stained glass look. Fingers crossed.

I came close to scraping this before the magic happened. When I first started working with the pour puddle on the canvas I thought it was a total wash because it appeared to be mostly just the Payne’s gray. But as I was tilting it to move the paint toward one side to scrape it, I realized I had enough paint on there to stretch it quite a bit….so I figured, what the hell, nothing to lose. Turns out, there was also something to be gained!

I like all three of these orientations so this time thought I’d post them all. Quite a different vibe sometimes by flipping it.

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