Three album pours

These are the last three albums I’ve poured, and I was less than excited so two of them weren’t even photographed the day they were painted. Today, I’m sorting for varnishing and filing and, as happens with time in all things, I have a new perspective.

Caramel ripple is a 4-color ring pour that I got overly creative with. Yes, that happens, often with questionable results. Bronze dominates but looks like gold. Go figure.

Going around is a straight pour. I very badly want to “master” doing straight pours on albums! Especially as these canvases stack up and I wonder what to do with them, I’m always aware of how much less storage space the albums take up. I also just love the round format. However, as I’ve mentioned before the round format makes composition even more challenging than I find it in a square or rectangle. I need to try some new pour patterns and keep at it for a while to see if I can come up with somethign more pleasing. Anyway! This one has a great color combination of yellows and greens, and even though it’s not a finalist it’s still very pretty.

Textures is an odd aberration. I wasn’t at all unhappy with how this straight pour came out, and the oranges and reds are quite zingy…but this piece dried like the surface of the moon. Acrylic paint on albums often has a smattering of lumps, bumps, and zits, and I’ve come to accept it as part of working with the vinyl substrate. But this one takes the cake as it is loaded with ridges, ripples, bumps, and small divots. I was using a new pouring medium and that’s the only explanation I can find. (I quit using it a few days later as it wasn’t working out as I had hoped). At first when it dried I was more than a little peeved….but 3 weeks later I find it quite cool! Doubt I will ever have another album come out like this, so now it’s a rare treasure instead of an ugly beast.

None of these paintings will be for sale but will likely go in the “free to good home” stack. For some reason, I am learning more from each painting these days than I was 6 months ago, and that means in a way each of them becomes a part of the next one.

A little perspective, like a little humor, goes a long way.

Allen Klein

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