This “wrecked ring” technique is a lot of fun. I’ve only done it a few other times in an attempt to save a pour that I was ready to scrape. Today, I chose to keep the wrecking to a minimum because I really liked this pour as it was, but I did set out to try it — and here it is, on a Four Tops album from 1964. Quite a facelift!

Postscript: Very sad to see that the album label has lifted a bit creating a circle of air bubbles around it, very obvious and distracting. It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally these (very old) albums run into issues, always with the paper labels on them. I will still probably keep it on my display wall for a while because I do love the composition, and of course will use the colors again and see what we get the next time.

Below is album pour from yesterday, Emerald Escape, painted on yet another Motown album by Diana Ross. Groovy.

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