On the wing

I had lab this morning, almost always fun with a big element of the unexpected. Wanted to work with the stone look again and chose two recycled canvases to use. As always, this means I have to keep my fingers crossed because about half of the canvases that I recycle end up with fatal issues. Murphy says I will love the ones that have fatal issues <sigh>.

The painting above was a spur of the moment creation when I wasn’t happy with the original results. It’s a bit startling for me to be working with such a “pale” color scheme, but the effect here of feathers on wings makes me smile. Quail, doves, seagulls, pigeons…maybe all of them!

Below is another orientation of it, along with the other lab result. I had poured this little square one first and quickly set it aside to get the second canvas poured. When I went back and looked 10 minutes later this little constellation of gold cells had unexpectedly popped up. That took it up a notch for me in terms of interest, and it is titled Stone Gold.

In reality, every fluid pour painting is a laboratory experiment, and in that sense today was no different than a “planned” pour day. The element of the unexpected keeps bringing me back.

On the wing
Stone gold

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