Going ashore

I’ve done a few “beach pours” before using this sandwich method, but I’ve never been as pleased as I am with this beauty. It’s still morphing as I type, and likely the gold will have spread more before it settles which I’m okay with. The most challenging part with this method is keeping a level horizon line (if you’re going for one) and it played out so easily this time, I guess it was meant to be.

Still, I will be holding my breath over the next 48 hours during the initial drying period which is when problems arise with albums. Beyond how much I want the painting to survive, this is a Buddy Holly album from 1958 (reissued in 1988) which I didn’t even know was in my collection. May the spirit of Peggy Sue watch over the curing process!

Postscript: Thought I would post a photo of the changes this painting underwent over the next few hours. I’m disappointed at the loss of some features as the gold spread, but it’s a lesson I hope to have finally learned. This brand of gold is quite glorious, and it’s very popular. But its nature is to spread, eating up other colors as it does so. You just have to be so careful of how much you use, there is a sweet spot with it but I often miss the mark. For now I’m going to put that jar of paint aside and use a different brand. This painting is still very lovely, and I’m excited to try again with less gold next time. (By the way, my sister mentioned the otter frolicking in this, and I wonder how I could have missed seeing him before! Abstract art is so much fun.)

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