Pastel meringue

This is actually another kiss pour, though it looks very much like a regular straight pour. And it is overflowing with the unexpected. You wouldn’t know that this painting used a bright crimson red, primary orange, and lemon yellow. Those were supposed to be the center stage colors in a sort of fire presentation. But yet again, chemistry has pulled a fast one on me. I was worried that my paint was too thick….but usually when you have this kind of blending or lack of defined colors it’s because the paint is too thin. I obviously used too much satin which is what creates the cloud effect, so at least I understand that. Then, the final mystery is the smattering of little cells that look like a slinky, a vortex, or an eyeball. How did they get here??

I just can’t find enough that I like about this one to keep it from the recycle pile. Still, I’m posting it because one of the purposes of this blog is a place where I can look back and see progression in my skills….but also where I can occasionally see mysteries get solved. Unexpectedly, of course, as that is the defining characteristic of fluid art!

Postscript: Weeks later I have varnished this and titled it Pastel Meringue. It’s a darling. Time changes everything (like it or not).

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