Fantasy feather #2

Yes, I appear to be counting backwards. I realized that this may well be a series so this is a better way to number them, discounting the first two I made ages ago.

I used up the leftover paint from yesterday’s feather this morning, and I am much happier with the distribution of colors in particular. But I got a surprise in that there was a different response of cells today, and there are even some small fractals which I love. Fractals (tiny branches that looks like plants or trees) are usually a response to isopropyl alcohol, but I have had them come up once or twice in paint with silicone added. Whatever the reason, it adds a nice sense of texture where it happens.

Yes, at this time I do think this will be a series. I want to do one with green and blue, a Seahawks feather, and there are plenty of other palettes to play with. I’m not sold on the current method of feathering it out so I can keep experimenting with that, too. Fun with feathers!

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  1. I really like this one too, but for some reason the first one seems to have some “sparkle” to it. I know the paint colors were the same so I’m guessing it has to do with the “white” looking cells. They are both great!


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