I’m still trying to get a handle on this method, but it doesn’t seem that I’m getting very far. Just when I think I’ve figured something out, then apparently some other aspect isn’t in sync. Scrape, scrape. I can accept that some paintings don’t work out, especially when you’re trying to pick up a new skill set, but the wasted paint and the clean-up gets to me after a while.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but yet again I’m reminded of how many “easy” and “simple” and “beginner” videos on fluid art exist on YouTube, and how misleading those words are. With the particular pearl method I’m working on, you need a union of the right formula, paint consistency, and volume of paint on the canvas. The amount of variables for each of those aspects is kind of amazing. And there are probably other factors I’m not thinking about because I’ve been deep in the details for a few days now. Even for someone who has been pouring fluid art for about 18 months now, mastering a new method is simply never as easy as it appears.

Anyway! The painting above is from lab and should have been scraped, but my roommate really likes it which saved it, at least for now. I’m caught between finding it rather creepy or kinda fun. It may be recycled any day, but for today it gets the spotlight.

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