My mom was born 102 years ago today, and gone from our lives many years past. Still, this date will always be my mom’s birthday, during my lifetime at least. She loved the song Bye, bye blackbird, which is on the Trini Lopez album this painting was created on. I can remember her humming it and even singing it.

My parents passed a love of music on to me — the deepest and most abiding love of my life aside from a handful of human relationships. I am forever grateful to them for their appreciation of music and other arts.

This painting is interesting. It was painted in the very same method and with the same additives of Kodachrome from a few days ago. However, it was painted with Arteza’s pearl paints which obviously do not react the same way that my other paints do. And that’s okay, they have their own thing going on. What I like best about the pearls is that even the most saturated have this softness about them, just on the edges of pastel, while still having oodles of color. It’s the softness of this painting that touches me today.


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