Dutch pour

I jumped back in to the dutch pour method this last week, and right out the gate hit on the proper consistency which is the most important element. I’ve been playing with different formulas and wrestling with air. Most artists do this technique using a hair dryer to manipulate the paint, but in the past I’ve had a hard time with that. This time around I got out my airbrush and quickly realized it felt more comfortable, like I had more control. Which isn’t to say I’ve got it figured out, but I’m definitely encouraged enough to keep at it for a while. The pouring medium used for the practice piece shown here didn’t create any cells and as such was cut from the running — but I still really like this piece with it’s deeply saturated bordeaux in the base and then the muted and delicate shades above. A good start!


    1. I thought of you when I was photographing it! I did a handful of these early on when I didn’t know what I was doing and, of course, they were pretty nice. But when I’ve gone back and tried in the last year it’s been nothing but frustration. I really like the style, so fingers crossed!


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