Watercolor sampler

Such a simple concept, but a great way to get back into the watercolor process. My favorite parts of watercolor are not unique to that medium but rather are the same elements that drew me to beading, alcohol inks, and paint pouring….that is, colors and textures. Since discovering abstracts, I would have to add that element to the list.

I am hoping that my time with fluid art will help me with my goal of loosening up my painting. I love watching artists who excel at a loose approach, but it’s definitely a reach for me. Turns out I’m wrapped quite tightly around symmetry and the illusion of control. Still, I aspire to walk on the wild side, to lean more towards impressionism than realism, and just see what happens.

Below I’m posting a few of the pieces I did when I was last painting with watercolors, specifically pieces that I really enjoyed and that (for me) involved quite a bit of letting go.

I let go of my expectations

and stopped feeling disappointed.

I stopped feeling disappointed

and started feeling alive.

Melody Godfred

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