Ink and wash

Looking back on this blog, and then at today’s photo, I realize what a change my art process has undergone by returning to watercolors. The complexity, density, and saturation of fluid art has been replaced with more delicate tones and simplicity of lines. And it suits me beautifully these days.

I have discovered, a bit to my surprise, that I really enjoy the combination of ink and watercolors. I like mark making and doodling, whether very simple or as layered as Zentangle patterns. I continue to see projects on Skillshare and Instagram that I bookmark for future reference, but there is incredible freedom for me today as I have given myself permission to do whatever the hell I want to do when I sit at the workbench. Maybe I will cut finished pieces down for greeting cards, or just experiment with palettes, or practice botanical sketches. What I definitely will not do is worry about whether I’m creating something that will pass muster in someone else’s eyes. It’s taken a while, but I think I’m finally done digging that particular hole.

Below is a pic of some delicious metallic watercolors that I received from Germany yesterday…Skrim Watercolors. They have a number of really beautiful specialty paints like color shifters, but of course the metallic was what I wanted to try out first. Love me some bling. 🙂

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