October challenges

Art challenges are a big thing these days, with artists taking on anywhere from 30-day to 100-day challenges with usually specific subjects or mediums. Inktober is very popular, name probably explains it all. There are a lot of floral challenges going on right now amongst the artists that I follow, and that appeals to me. Painting every day for 30 days isn’t a big deal in itself as I usually paint almost daily as it is. I was out of town yesterday and didn’t get to paint <sigh>, but I think today begins a 30-day challenge for me….albeit my own hybrid challenge. I’d like to do a botanical every day, maybe sometimes with ink, sometimes not. I do think I will leave it open-ended for now and just set a goal to paint a finished piece every day beginning today. Fortunately, I’m working a lot on little 4×6 pieces and it’s pretty easy to whip something that small out if I’m feeling pressed for time.

The landscape above uses only two colors of granulating paints from Daniel Smith who carries a lot of granulating paints that I covet. I’ve had some new ones for a week now and finally breaking them out.

I am so ready for fall, for life to slow down and quiet down, not just for me but for those around me. After my foray into the city yesterday my calendar is fairly clear for the rest of this month, and I’m grateful. Time to paint!

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