Days 22-30

This was a lot of fun! Not that the fun is going to end because I’ve finished a 30-day challenge, because I’m certainly not done painting. Still, it was good to set the goal for myself and follow through on it.

The painting above is an 8×10, and I feel like it should count for 2 or 3 days. It was the longest project I’ve taken on, another sort of challenge to see if I could stay interested long enough to complete all those squares. Once I expanded the theme to fall-and-winter then it wasn’t hard. It’s the most “sketchy” painting I’ve done, and for the most part I’m pleased with how the little subjects came out. When using a permanent tool like an ink pen, it can be a little nerve wracking because there’s no easy fix if you do a big oops. But there were no oops in this one, just a couple that I’d like to practice a few more times before I lay them down in pen again.

Today, I sold some watercolor cards, and the buyer wanted to know if I would be doing holiday cards. So, I may or may not go into mini-mass production during November. I’ve painted cards for us to give in December because we don’t send a lot of them out, and I plan on doing that again this year, too. However, there’s a number of other projects I’m wanting to try out, so who knows what tomorrow will bring! And that’s part of the fun of it.

So the paintings below are how I finished out October and welcomed November. 🙂

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