Setting a new challenge

I’ve found myself feeling rather blah about painting this last week, and when I do paint it feels unfulfilling or disappointing.

I recognize a familiar situation in that I’m pin-balling around from one technique to another, partly because there’s so many different things I’d like to try. However, I have learned from the past year that not only does practice make perfect, but practicing a specific technique repetitiously is the only foolproof way to get a handle on it. There aren’t any actual shortcuts, despite what YouTube videos and Instagram reels might have you think.

So I’ve decided to apply myself for the next 30 days to the wet-on-wet technique which holds a strong interest for me. The painting above, while a very simple one, is one of my personal favorites. It was done with a hake brush and is a great example of wet-on-wet technique. Recently I took a Skillshare class where the artist spent a little time explaining that this is indeed a difficult technique to master…..yay for brutal honesty! But I have dabbled in it here and there, and when it goes right it’s a lot of fun. This means it’s time to put my nose to it and keep it there for a while. I’ve learned how to do a number of things I never thought I could, so with that in my heart here’s to Day One!

Below are some of my other works done with wet-on-wet. More to follow!

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