Loosening up, by degrees

When I fall in love with one of my own paintings, that’s a really great feeling. But even better is when I see progress in a painting that isn’t quite there yet. I have had more of those in the last two weeks than I’ve had in the last few months. I’m learning!

As the subject of personal style came up again recently, and in a logical fashion, I was able to identify what attracts me in watercolor art. Those primary elements are texture, nature, and a looseness. Yes, I enjoy ink-and-wash and the details that can be expressed there. It’s not either/or. I am looking for some middle ground, where there is some definition but also room for the imagination to fill in some blanks.

However! What I am describing is a leap across a fair-sized chasm of my own inclination. I admit to being a control freak of sorts, and having an awareness of that for many years now, which has led to some letting go. Very rewarding when it happens, for sure, but never without effort.

Which means that these florals shown here are baby steps that tell me I can do this. I can add more water, use less pen strokes, and hold my brush further away from the tip. I can breathe and relax and my paintings will be more relaxed.

Really drawn to some cheerful florals right now as we continue to crawl toward the equinox. Hope you enjoy them, too.


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