Item 3421

This is a balloon kiss painting! A base coat is spread out over the canvas, and then you add your colors (premixed with pouring medium) in whatever shape and design you choose. Next, the edges are blown out with just your breath or maybe a straw. Now wait 10-15 minutes for the paint to settle a bit, and then the fun begins. Using a small balloon that is inflated, but not tightly inflated, you “kiss” the paint which creates a wonderful swirl effect. Really fun technique that goes well beyond just pouring paint.

This particular little 8×8 canvas is the earliest piece of mine to be offered on the website. I started experimenting in late January of 2021, and this was painted on March 4. As I had not had a lot of success beyond the relatively easy flip cup method, I was really tickled with how this came out. I actually have done two or three others, but due to my inexperience there are some canvas issues with those and they aren’t for sale. But I do plan to do more!

The back of the canvas is covered with craft paper, and I would be glad to add a sawtooth hanger if you’d like at no charge.