Item 52721 – Island lava

This painting started out as a simple swipe. Paints mixed with pouring medium are placed on the canvas in vertical or horizontal positions, and then a tool (such as a large palette knife) is covered with a cell activator solution, laid gently across the paint on the canvas and pulled lightly across the surface. Technique is quite critical to success here, too light or too heavy a hand and results will be haphazard. Unfortunately – or not – I failed with the technique this time and had an ugly mess on my hands. Normally I would scrape the paint off to save/re-use the canvas, but I decided to play instead. I was so excited with the results! Hot lava flowing into the Pacific Ocean? Or you might see something else.

If you desire, I can cover the back of the canvas with craft paper, and a sawtooth hanger can also be added at no charge.