Autumn equinox!

I think each equinox is a special time that slips past most of us without notice. In the spring and … More

Ink and wash

Looking back on this blog, and then at today’s photo, I realize what a change my art process has undergone … More

Keeping it simple

Nothing fancy or complicated, basic practice pieces for washes and layering…but the outcome is fun and might even make a … More

Loose and messy!

Continuing with the watercolor samplers and efforts to add more water and loosen the whole thing up. (Obviously, this starts … More

Watercolor sampler

Such a simple concept, but a great way to get back into the watercolor process. My favorite parts of watercolor … More

Not knowing

Change. Changes. Changing. Why? Because I haven’t been able to master not changing, I guess. I last poured some fluid … More

Night vision

Just experimenting today on a recycled canvas. Can’t beat the color palette!

Lunar harbor

Simple flip cup today, and after the cup was emptied I was disappointed about the color distribution. But yet again, … More

Air play

Hot day today…..too hot to do much of anything, except maybe play with blowing paint around with my airbrush. This … More

Deep heat

I’m working with split cups again, and the challenge always is to come up with an interesting composition instead of … More