Do the work

Went through another little funk with painting, and even though I see it for what it is, when it’s happening … More

Life in sobriety

Today, I celebrate 35 years of being alcohol-free. For many years I’ve thought of my life in terms of before … More

‘Tis the season to paint!

The weather outside is frightful! But I’ve been painting away, experimenting, practicing strokes, and starting to see some progress with … More

Self discovery

Well, so much for setting challenges….who needs that when life is challenging enough on its own?! I have indeed done … More

Setting a new challenge

I’ve found myself feeling rather blah about painting this last week, and when I do paint it feels unfulfilling or … More

Days 22-30

This was a lot of fun! Not that the fun is going to end because I’ve finished a 30-day challenge, … More

Days 16-21

I’m still at it every day, and beyond the fun of it I may actually be picking up a better … More

Days 11-15

The doodle leaves above were done on a 5×7, and I’m so glad because I’m tickled pink with them! That … More

Days 7-10

The very simple painting above marks a turning point for me that I’m so happy about. I’ve struggled with getting … More