Ahhh, the swipe

This was my first attempt at a swipe in a while, and with a slight variation that is new to … More

Painting again!

I didn’t intend to do a series of this particular cloud-effect style, but after not painting for 6 days (!!) … More

Nine months gestation

Yesterday I had to varnish paintings.  This is one part of the process that rather sucks.  The spray varnish I … More

Something different

The last of my Pride rainbow paintings is something quite different for me. This rainbow wreath is not technically paint … More


I liked yesterday’s pour so much I thought I would try it again with different colors. Though yesterday I had … More

In a stranger’s house

Today, for the first time, a stranger purchased one of my canvases on Etsy. Not a friend or family member, … More


Here’s a rare occurrence….I decided to completely wing it, and I ended up liking it! Have to admit, I’m most … More

Take me there!

In my ongoing exploration of the rainbow, here is today’s flip cup pour. Initially, as I moved the paint around … More


I’m updating this post because, as sometime happens, this painting has grown on me quite a bit. To reflect that, … More

Ditching social media

Last night I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix. Today, I’m exiting Instagram, the only social media app I use. … More