Golden earth

I had a new color to try today — burnt orange — so I used a primarily neutral palette with … More


Sometimes I avoid a method that I really like because I just don’t have a handle on it. Fear of … More


The pearl pour is now my how-to-have-fun-without-hardly-trying technique. Took this photo with sunshine on the painting, and my oh my, … More

Dutch pour

I jumped back in to the dutch pour method this last week, and right out the gate hit on the … More

Sweet and sour

What I like most about this pearl pour, aside from the citron and sour apple combination, is the area like … More


My mom was born 102 years ago today, and gone from our lives many years past. Still, this date will … More

Far out!

Have never used citron green before, but I’ll definitely be using it again. Can’t decide on orientation, like it almost … More


I just can’t help myself….stop me before I cell again!!