Item 61621 – Through the clouds

This painting was done in the cloud pour method…a tricky method which I’ve had only rare success with! This is a chemical reaction process (as much of paint pouring is), and even a small change in the formula can result in “clouds” overtaking the whole painting. It is also quite difficult to control composition, and it’s not uncommon for me to be disappointed in the results. As a result, you won’t see a lot of cloud pours in this gallery!

The reason I kept this 10×10 painting was because of the incredible softness and mist-like sensation…. as a person who loves flying on planes, I was immediately looking down through the clouds at the land mass below. The next day when I looked I saw sea foam frothing up on the beach. And that’s the intrigue of abstract art!

If you desire, I can cover the back of the canvas with craft paper, and a sawtooth hanger can also be added at no charge.