Item 72621 – Dance

This painting was created using the flip cup method. The colors were individually mixed with pouring medium, and then all those colors were added to one cup. You can layer the colors carefully or you can dump them in casually — each will give different results. The cup of paint was then poured on the substrate which is now tilted for composition and to remove excess paint. If silicone was added, this is when cells begin to appear which is a really fun process to watch as the cells evolve over minutes or even hours.

Vinyl LP albums make a great round substrate for paint pouring, and add yet another unique element to each painting. They are protected with an acrylic sealant. I make an effort to leave the label on the back clean enough to identify. I will add a sawtooth hanger to the back of the album; if you want a very specific orientation, just let me know so I can place the hanger accordingly.

This album is one of a 4-album box set by Joan Baez titled Satisfied Mind; it was released in 1979 by Book-of-the-Month Records and recorded by Vanguard Studios. Because this was a box set, the album jacket/box won’t be offered with the painting, and the painting will ship in it’s original paper sleeve.