Item 8321 – Let the good times roll

This painting was created by dumping thin black paint over other colors premixed with a specific pouring medium. The colors rise up through the black in shapes that range from pearls to river rocks. At first they appear as very small colored dots, but over 15-30 minutes they continue to appear and morph in shape and size. It’s a really fun process to watch, waiting for the end result.

I wanted to give my sister a pouring demonstration and this method is always entertaining. I wanted lots of great color against the black so went with gold plus blue and red metallic. It’s fascinating to watch it morph into the finale. Looks like a really happening scene to me. I do wish black wasn’t so difficult to photograph; there is always some glare that seems unavoidable outside of a professional photography studio.

One of the additives used for this method had to be ordered from Australia and so cost a pretty penny…..I use it sparingly, and hope to never have to scrape one into the recycle bucket!

If you desire, I can cover the back of the canvas with craft paper, and a sawtooth hanger can also be added at no charge.