Item 8821 – Petals adrift

This painting was created using the flip cup method. The colors were individually mixed with pouring medium, and then all those colors were added to one cup. You can layer the colors carefully or you can dump them in casually — each will give different results. The cup of paint was then poured on the substrate which is now tilted for composition and to remove excess paint. If silicone was added, this is when cells begin to appear which is a really fun process to watch as the cells evolve over minutes or even hours.

I do love cells and variations on them. In this 8×10 canvas numerous petals were created by simply dipping my finger into the paint at an intersection of cells while it was wet…which was great fun! I think when I find myself frustrated I will do one of these pours again and play in the paint.

If you desire, I can cover the back of the canvas with craft paper, and a sawtooth hanger can also be added at no charge.