LP81121 – Monochrome for Mitch

This painting was created with the flip cup method using only black and white paint. The paint was mixed with a pouring medium and then layered into a cup; silicone was added to create cells. The paint was then poured onto the album surface and tilted to remove the excess.

The album this was poured on was one of Mitch Miller’s Sing Along with Mitch albums, very popular music in the 50’s. The albums included lyric sheets so the listeners could “sing along with Mitch.” This particular album cover is in good shape and includes the original lyric sheets….rather amazing, as it was released by Columbia Records in 1958 making it 63 years old. Probably the first one I’ve poured on that is actually older than me!

Vinyl LP albums make a great round substrate for paint pouring, and add yet another unique element to each painting. They are protected with an acrylic sealant. I make an effort to leave the label on the back clean enough to identify. I will add a sawtooth hanger to the back of the album; if you want a very specific orientation, just let me know so I can place the hanger accordingly.