LP82921 – All that jazz

This painting was created using an open traveling cup method. A base coat is laid, in this case black, and then a ring (often a small plastic cup with the bottom cut off) is placed and colors are added into the cup. Gravity eventually does its thing and the cup begins “traveling” which disperses the paint. Silicone was added to the colors in the cup to create cells.

Honestly, I missed my original mark quite a bit with this pour, and at first was disappointed. But the next day the magenta and blue jumped out joyfully, so I knew it was a keeper.

This was poured on Earth, Wind & FIre’s “Gratitude” album which was released by Columbia Records in 1975.

Vinyl LP albums make a great round substrate for paint pouring, and add yet another unique element to each painting. They are protected with an acrylic sealant. I make an effort to leave the label on the back clean enough to identify. I will add a sawtooth hanger to the back of the album; if you want a very specific orientation, just let me know so I can place the hanger accordingly.

The original album cover with a sleeve will be provided; be aware that most album covers aren’t pristine but show wear-and-tear as they have been banging around for decades!