LP9421 – Afloat

This piece was created with a tree ring method. The paint needs to be at a specific consistency in order to end up with obvious lines and not a messy jumble. The colors are layered carefully into a cup, and then poured onto the canvas, usually with a circular motion. Once poured, the canvas is tilted to compose and remove excess paint.

In this painting I varied the way I was pouring in order to create a more open and feathery appearance, a style that I enjoy as much as the more traditional tree ring appearance. Using just one cool color and one warm color in both light and dark creates a great dynamic. For reasons of chemistry which are way past my pay grade, there were numerous tiny holes in some areas, which to me just adds depth and texture.

Afloat was poured on Nat King Cole’s self-titled album released in 1963 by Camay Records. Personally, I think Nat would like this piece, being the very cool cat that he was.

The original album cover with a sleeve will be provided; be aware that most album covers aren’t pristine but show wear-and-tear as they have been banging around for decades!

Vinyl LP albums make a great round substrate for paint pouring, and add yet another unique element to each painting. They are protected with an acrylic sealant. I make an effort to leave the label on the back clean enough to identify. I will add a sawtooth hanger to the back of the album; if you want a very specific orientation, just let me know so I can place the hanger accordingly.