Vinyl albums

Acrylic paintings on vintage 12″ round LPs (albums) are $30 each which includes shipping. Click on any painting for more information.

LP111221 – Pride – Not For Sale
LP11621 – Kaleidoscope
LP11721 – Carnival
LP111121 – Take me there!
Item LP10621 – Twister
Item LP11321 – A Slice
Item LP101821 – Eye of the Zebra
Item LP92021 – Autumn
Item LP91721 – Changes
Item LP 9821 – Patina
Item LP91021 – *SOLD*
Item LP83121 – Caramel latte
Item LP82921 – All that Jazz
Item LP9421 – Afloat
Item LP81121 – Monochrome for Mitch
Item LP7121 – Encounter
LP7321 – Somewhere out there
Item LP7421 – Independence Day
LP7621 – Far far away
Item LP72621Dance
Item LP71821 – Neon nights

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